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Edmondson Plumbing Services, have years of experience providing the best quality services to our customers throughout London (and surrounding areas). During this time, Edmondson Plumbing Services have achieved good feedback from leading suppliers of heating, hot water, and Combi-boiler brands, thereby, giving you the best possible choice for your heating needs.

Let Edmondson Plumbing Services take care of all your boiler service needs, from emergency repairs to new installations and maintenance. Edmondson Plumbing Services have boiler technicians available on standby to get to you as soon as possible.

Small problems can become big ones if left unattended. By ensuring that your boiler is running properly, you can save money on future repairs. Edmondson Plumbing Services can detect and fix any minor problems to help avoid future malfunctions that could be costly.

Boiler Servicing & Landlord Gas Safety check

Annual boiler servicing is a set of checks undertaken by a certified engineer on your central heating system every year. Its purpose is to ensure that your boiler, radiators, and other heating appliances continue to run safely and effectively.

Gas services Under the Gas Safety (installation and use) Regulations 1998 Act that apply to private landlords and property managers, agents have a responsibility to arrange for an annual gas safety check. This applies to every rental property that has a gas appliance and is required to be carried out every 12 months by a Gas Safe registered engineer. Edmondson Plumbing services can provide these services and maintenance, giving you peace of mind and ensuring that all your appliances are working correctly and guard against the dangers of carbon monoxide. These services include: 


  • Visually inspect the boiler. This will include cleaning and adjusting components as necessary, while also searching for any damaged parts. Edmondson Plumbing Services will also try to identify if they’re any signs of distress that are immediately visible. 
  • Edmondson Plumbing Services will then move on to check more crucial components such as the heat exchanger, burner, and others.
  • After they have gone through the necessary steps will then check that the boiler, pipework, and flue are all positioned correctly (the pipe from your boiler to the outside of your house), ensuring no obstructions and that the flue is well-fitted.
  • Before they finish, Edmondson Plumbing Services will ensure that all boiler functions, controls, and safety devices are working perfectly 
  • Finally, Edmondson Plumbing Services will check if the boiler has adequate ventilation and that it is far away from combustible materials. At this point, Edmondson Plumbing Services will do a final check to make sure everything is set in place and safe to use.

Why Choose Us?

Edmondson Plumbing Services have years of experience and can proficiently diagnose and rectify any problem, small or large.

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Power flush the central heating system

A Power flush is a cleansing process for your boiler which removes any dirt, sludge, rust, and debris that may have accumulated within your system over time. If these substances are left in your heating system, they could cause blockages or corrosion and ultimately reduce the efficiency of your boiler – they could even eventually lead to a breakdown.

How long does a full boiler service take?

A boiler service will take on average around 30 to 60 mins depending on the brand and model whether it’s conventional or combi and its ageFor instance, an older boiler that may have missed a service could take longer to service if various parts need to be replaced along the way.

Boiler check-up cost

How much does a full boiler service costs? Prices vary based on a variety of things, mainly on the type of boiler you have (e.g. combi, system, or regular). Servicing a standard-efficiency boiler will cost between £50 and £80, while a high-efficiency condensing boiler service will cost between £80 and £160.

  • Type of boiler (combi, system, or regular)
  • Your location
  • Boiler fuel
  • The model and manufacturer of your boiler
  • Where the boiler is located in your house.

Boiler servicing can also prevent you from spending hundreds of pounds on unexpected boiler repairs or even a couple of thousands on a boiler replacement. It is also necessary to keep your boiler’s warranty valid.

Save you money in the long run & get your boiler checked up by one of our experienced gas engineers.

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